About me


Welcome to my photography page, all your photography needs at your fingertips.

My name is Amir Wanas and I am an experienced Professional Photographer passionate about capturing unique moments with a creative perspective. My passion for photography began in 2009 but only in the recent years I have developed a professional approach, and soon became obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photographer: lighting, balance, composition and use of space.

I capture profound moments with a creative twist. Offering exceptional personal service to each and every one of my clients, so get in touch today and book your session.


Portrait Photography is one of my favourites types of photography, I love to interact with my clients and models, I'm a peoples person which is a great benefit when working with my subjects. Even if you don't like having your picture taken, I will strive to make the experience as pleasant and memorable as I can. I have a friendly yet professional attitude, and I always try my best to make you feel at ease in front of the camera.

My photography is distinctive and sticks out; I put a lot of effort into producing works of art. I won't make your typical daily shots; each of my images has a significance and a narrative to tell. If the ideal moment in your life isn't well documented, it won't endure forever.

I first became interested in photography and filmmaking as a teenager. I could never stop myself from recording the enjoyable times I had with my friends and family through photos and films. When I was a college student, I purchased my first DSLR, but I wasn't able to use it to its full capacity at the time.

Throughout the years, I was always the creative kind. Working on both personal projects and producing material for nearby businesses has allowed me to produce content in a variety of ways. My receptive mindset and imaginative vision have influenced several fascinating projects that are still in use today. Eventually, I made the decision to pursue my passion for photography professionally. Being a perfectionist, I devoted countless hours to reading about techniques, learning about lighting, framing, and use of space, and then putting that knowledge to use to produce some of the work you can see on my website.

I am prepared to share my expertise in order to aid others in realising their goals, all the while continuing to learn new things. I can create high-quality images for portraits, headshots, events, products, properties, and automobiles, as well as for retouching and colour grading. I also have my own personal photography studio and a variety of equipment.